Message from the Executive Director


A message from the Executive Director,

Commit to Get Fit at the Goochland Family YMCA

Fall is here! Children have returned to school, summer clothesare put up for the winter and all of nature turns inward to rest.Fall is also the beginning of the holiday season - or what we atthe YMCA sometimes refer to as "the eating season".

Central to each holiday on the American calendar is eating;candy at Halloween, a feast at Thanksgiving and traditional holidayfavorites at Christmas.

You've chosen a healthy lifestyle - but what about your visitingrelatives and friends? How can you encourage those around you tosupport your choice and possibly make a change for themselves? Trystarting with our fall program guide issue where you will find avariety of programs that keep your family on the move - takingpositive steps toward a healthier living.

If you don't see something you want to try in our program guideand you need more suggestions, please don't hesitate to speak withme or one of our wonderful staff members.

Our best wishes for a joyous holiday season!


Jay Shively

Executive Director

Goochland Family YMCA